Art on your wall

You are getting married and you are excited for the change that will come into your life. Why don't you treasure this excitement forever in front of you.

Imagine you getting up in the morning and you see a huge romantic black and white picture of you both on the wall. Think what feelings will go through you. Lets take it other way round. Fights are common they say, it gives the much needed spice in your romantic life. Imagine your partner is angry with you.  He/ She goes to drawing room/ bedroom feeling bad. And then they see this huge canvas on the wall which has you both jumping together in between the jungle, just like the 4th picture in the gallery. They remember how they find it funny or had an amazing time jumping together. You know the rest of the story. Don't you? 

Get yourself shot with your partner and decorate your walls which are not only art but also pictures that you can relate with. And trust us when we say that a couple shoot is a romantic gift. If someone close to you is getting married or have a special day why don't you gift them a couple shoot which will give them a bag full of memories. 

Jalpesh gets Rishita

Sometimes your real experience can't be shared with Words. And it's the same for me to express the experience that I had with Lights and Stories team. If anyone reading this feedback, working with them will be the best decision.

Riddhi gets Harsh

Lights and Stories are the "Top Destination Wedding Photographer in India". Very professional, punctual, thoughtful, enthusiastic. Their greatest asset and USP is his creativity. Thank you so much bro.

Praveen gets Mala

I must say that the photos that we received brighten our faces whenever we see them. You guys have captured the most amazing moments not just between me and my husband but with our entire family. You are rightfully the "Top Destination Wedding Photographers " The whole team has a great perspective and come up with an amazing movie like pictures!

 Puru gets Priyanka

You guys did a marvelous job on my wedding ceremony. We are really thankful to every single member of the was late night wedding ceremony but still, we found a team with full of energy and dedication. A very enthusiastic team with a wonderful sense of creativity. 

Shyam gets Anuskha

Without a doubt one of the most talented photography team in the country today! I had Lights and Stories team over twice in a period for 2 months for my and my cousin's wedding in Nov and Dec  and we cannot stress enough about how amazing the entire experience has been. 

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