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A Sunset Beach Wedding

The day is 25th Nov of 2016. We are in Mumbai all getting ready to be present and capture the beach sunset wedding of these 2 people who compliment each other in lot of ways, still maintaining their individuality. One is a doctor and other is a lawyer. If you see them you will feel that they are people who don't talk much but when they do, they make sense. They met through common friends realising that they have lot in common, which also include the way they see life and their approach to live.

Interesting incident, we create different looking pictures for our couple portraits. Hence we told Puru, please give us a firm look (no smile).

He was very humble to give us that look but as soon as the picture was taken he said, "My girl likes my smile, can you take more picture of me with smile."

We didn't wanted to take simple family picture, but also wanted to show their personalities and their relationship with Puru. Hence we took a picture with all the women of the house, his mom, two aunts and grandmother. Our thought process was to show the sensitiveness and the soft nature of these women, under whom Puru grew. Another picture with his dad, showing the tougher side of the family. And , two pictures with his friends, showing their respective personalities and their togetherness.

Cut to, the afternoon of 25th Nov, we have got ready and left to shoot the portraits of Puru (Groom).