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Pre Wed at Construction Site

Few are as daredevil as our courageous couple Amol and Labdhi, who are ready to break the pattern of creating basic beautiful and over mushy pictures and searching for something new, different, out of the box. When I say this, I don't want to count romantic and emotional pictures in this category of mushy. I love romantic and emotional pictures, they would never go out of fashion. And I have included 1 Romantic picture of them at the end of this post, Adding to this getting yourself shot at a unique place like a construction site, makes you stand out and gives your eyes to see a different side of you. Yes it's very uncomfortable, it's difficult but still it's out of the box and pictures too are same.

We are really excited about new ideas. Let it be shooting at a new location or a new theme.

We are open to all. Fill the contact form, if you are one of those couples who are looking for something different but don't know what. We will help you get there.

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