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A Lawn Punjabi Wedding

The day is 31st Dec of 2016. We are waiting for the grooms vehicle to come, an "autoricksaw", on which he will leave to get married. We all are getting ready for the big moment, men dressed to be dapper and women dress to be the elegant. The groom is wearing his sherwani, at the same time his elder brother comes in silently, looks at him getting ready and seems like he has disappeared in his thoughts, keeping his eyes on him, seems like he is watching a movie in his mind. A movie where he saw his brother with that cute smile on his face, which can charm and make them fall for him, and his mom trying to feed him roti (Indian bread) and karele ki sabzi (Gourd vegetable), while he runs away from this "deadly combination". The next, he sees her girl getting ready in the same room and wonders, how time has passed by so quickly. He hears the sherabandi vala (a professional turban maker), " Arre, Dulhe ko jaldi leke aayye" (Bring the groom fast). Mom is standing at a corner silently, seeing her silence, he wonders what happened to her as un till a minute, she was in a chaos and shouting on everyone to get ready and be fast, and here he sees her standing alone at a corner with a silence on her face. She comes to her younger son, hugs him and tears rolls down on her face.

Cut to, the mother in law trying to pull the groom's nose. Let see what happens.....

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